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Burglar Knocks Down Partner By Mistake, Video Of Failed Robbery Is Viral

Are these two the dumbest criminals ever?
Video Of Failed Robbery Is Viral
The video of the failed robbery has over 12 million views on Weibo

Remember the incompetent criminals Harry and Marv who endured immense physical harm while being outsmarted by 8-year-old Kevin McCallister in the 90's hit movie "Home Alone"? Similar scenes played out in Shanghai, China when a robbery attempt went kaput thanks to the clumsiness of a burglar.

Video going viral on Chinese social media captured the premature end to a robbery when one of the burglars ended up injuring his own partner. Uploaded on Weibo by Shanghai Police, the video shows two masked, hooded men arriving at the scene and trying to shatter presumably a glass door with bricks. While the first man manages to take an aim, his partner unfortunately is way off the mark. The man ends up hitting his accomplice in the face, knocking him to the ground. Realising his mistake, he reaches for his partner, who appears unconscious, and drags him out of sight.

On Weibo, Shanghai Police mocked the failed burglars and said, "If thieves are at this level, the police will not have to work overtime."

Watch the footage here:

According to the time-stamp on the CCTV footage, the suspects tried to break in on February 14 after midnight. Shared just a day ago, the surveillance footage has already clocked over 12 million views.

On the Internet too, the failed robbers were the butt of all jokes as Redditors ridiculed the two.

"At first I thought the rock was going to bounce off the glass and smack one of them in the face. I severely underestimated their stupidity," wrote Redditor NYC_Man12

Petesanchez99 wrote, "This is one of those videos that is so ridiculous it's unbelievable. I mean I do but come on what a train-wreck."

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